Bidding Tips

Top 10 Tips for successful bidding.

# 10 Keep your cool. Donít get caught up in the excitement. Many times you can find the same item at the same price or less. 

# 9 Make sure that the item you are bidding for is what you want.  I remember there was this one auction for a Furby that had only 1 minute left. I thought, this is a great price for a Furby, so I bid for it and after reading more, I found out I just bought a McDonalds Furby.  I still bought it, and gave it away. With AuctionTamer you can press the Add button to add the item to the watch list, then read more and search around to make sure it's what you want.

# 8 Do some homework and search the web to find out what price is a fair price.  Press AuctionTamer's Check Price button for many links that will help you make sure you are paying a fair price.

# 7 Find out what you can get the item for without bidding for it.  Once an item is in the watch list you can press the eMail button in AuctionTamer and email the seller, ask any questions you have about the item and ask if they have a non bidding price.

# 6 Check what others have said about the seller.  With AuctionTamer simply press the Feedback button and see what others are saying.

# 5 Look at other auctions the same seller is offering.  Press the Other Items button in AuctionTamer and see other items the same seller is offering. Maybe the same item is ending sooner in another auction and is lower in price.

# 4 Search other auction sites or different sellers to see if you can get a better deal.  With AuctionTamer you can easily go from one auction site to another.  Search through many auction sites like eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Microsoft & others. 

# 3 Keep track of many like items before placing your bid, maybe even over different auction sites.  With AuctionTamer you can add many auction items from different auction sites to one watch list.

# 2 If you can, donít bid until the auction has almost ended. When you do make your bid determine what is a good price.  For example, if the item is 5 minutes away from ending and the current bid is $20, but after all your research you determine the item is worth $80, instead of bidding the next increment go ahead and bid your maximum, like $45.  You still might only have to pay $25 depending if anyone else bid at the last minute.  With AuctionTamer you can easily see all your items in one list and watch the time tick down and see the last amount bid change automatically, then when the time is right, simply double click on the item and make your bid.

#1 Get AuctionTamer. Click here to download and to try it for FREE!

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